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E5 Service Animals

Guest: Valerie Paul

Master Trainer and Owner of Impawsible Pups

Valerie Paul grew up with two loves: music and dogs. She attended college at College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University in Minnesota where she met her husband and carpenter-extraordinaire, Hans Paul. Upon graduating with a degree in Music Studies she decided to pursue a different path. That path led her to Tarheel Canine / North State Canine Academy in Sanford, NC where she received her Master Trainer Certification. While in Sanford, Valerie worked with a variety of dogs including police and protection dogs.

Upon returning to her hometown of Richmond, VA, Valerie decided to open Impawsible Pups. Since then, she has enjoyed her time getting to know other dog owners in the Richmond community. She has spent time helping owners to bond with their dogs, and she has done countless work to help re-home dogs with Henrico Humane Society. Valerie loves what she does, and her favorite dogs are those that pose new and exciting challenges. She looks forward to meeting you and your dog soon!

Rue (Christina's Service Animal)

Phoenix (Christina's ESA)

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