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JC Ciesielski

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. . .   

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J.C. Ciesielski

J.C. Ciesielski. You can't ask for more. Syllables. Not just a pretty face, but also an accomplished actor, writer, comedian, snazzy dressers. J.C. has been preforming since the age of 7, singing with the Pittsburgh Boys Choir. He still sings and the other inmates at the asylum love his shower rendition of "Moon River." Along the way he picked up the performing bug and a dangerous dose of Writer's Rock. He found comedy can be a coping mechanism, an escape from the other voices in your head. Don't be afraid to snort milk out of your nose. It's good for the soul.


You can find J.C. Ciesielski on Twitter @Hey_Its_JC, hanging on local couches, and read his articles published on

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