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Diane Ballou

Diane Ballou is from Long Island, NY, and currently lives in Virginia. She has a degree in Communications from West Virginia University and degrees in Exotic Animal Training and Management and Wildlife Education from Moorpark College. Diane is currently working toward her master’s degree in social work at Virginia Commonwealth University. Diane worked in various aspects of animal care. She was a veterinary technician and performed zoo work and wildlife rehabilitation. However, due to the physical nature of animal work, she had to give up the career she loved due to disability and chronic pain. Diane’s primary populations of interest for social work are LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities, especially trying to help newly disabled people through mourning the life they thought they would have and working towards building a different but equally good new life.

Crystal Forrest

Crystal Forrest, Founder of Crystal's Chronic Creations, is a YouTube & TikTok Influencer and Medical Cannabis Patient in West Virginia. She aims to help new patients find a fun way to make their flower into pain relievers, and educated them on the process of learning how to use cannabis in many forms to help treat pain or illnesses. She wanted to share some options on how to transform your THC flower into butter, tincture, edibles, and more. I am not a professional, and my work should not be seen as medical advice, but just me sharing my experience.

Check out Crystal's Blog and YouTube Channel!

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