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Special Topic:

 The Dating App for People with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

January 14, 2024

with Special Guests 

Jacqueline and Alexa Child (Co-founders & Co-CEOs)

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Alexa Child
(Co-Founder and Co-CEO)

Alexa graduated from College of the Holy Cross in 2012 and Georgetown University Law Center in 2015.  After law school, she began her career in public service and is currently a public interest attorney.  Alexa and her sister collaborated on Dateability after Jacqueline’s negative experiences dating with chronic illness. She enjoys all the typical Colorado things—hiking and skiing—but also loves to cook and binge watch TV.  

Alexa Child Headshot.png

Jacqueline Child
(Co-Founder and Co-CEO)

After becoming disabled due to chronic illnesses as a teenager, Jacqueline’s life was forever changed. She was quickly exposed to the ableist behaviors and expectations perpetuated by society. She found dating challenging and would always fear disclosing her disability. She constantly wished she could meet someone else who understood life with chronic illness and disabilities. Since there wasn’t an app to do that, Jacqueline and Alexa decided they would make one. Jacqueline Child graduated from Colorado College in 2016 with a degree in Psychology and received her master’s degree in Family and Human Development in 2017. She spends her free time playing music, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and hanging with family and her dog, Luna.

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