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Speaking in Spoons Episode Schedule

Season Three 2024

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January, '24

Episode 1
Standardized Patient Programs

Stacie Rearden Hall (Standardized Patient Coordinator at VCU School of Medicine)

Episode 2
Personal Stories With Disability:  Christina and Nate

Christina Brookman (Producer/Host of Speaking in Spoons: A Chronically ill Podcast),  Dr Nathan Strauss (CoHost of Speaking in Spoons: A Chronically ill Podcast)

February, '24

Episode 3
Dateability: The Dating app for People with Disabilities and Chronic Illness 

Jaqueline Child (CoFounder and Co CEO of  Dateability App), Alexa Child (CoFounder and Co CEO of  Dateability App),

Episode 4
Personal Stories With Disability:  Cerebral Palsy

Mathew Shapiro Founder & CEO– 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC, Advocate - Consultant, Public Speaker, Lobbyist)

March, '24

Episode 5
Wish Come True Co.: A Mother's Journey to help other children with disabilites

Izzy Duval Founder & Director of Wish Come True Co.)

Episode 6
Personal Stories With Disability:  Rare Disease 

David Edward RossBusiness Development at Rare Revolution Magazine, Patient Keynote Speaker, Trustee, Rare Disease Advocate)

April, '24

Episode 7
" Hiding in Plain Sight: A Spoonies Journey" A film about Ehlers Danlos

Jennifer KainDirector of film, "Hiding in Plain Sight: A Spoonies Journey")

Episode 8
Personal Stories With Disability:  Ehlers Danlos and Brain Aneurysm

May, '24

Episode 9
Mental Health: An Invisible Disability

Shakira Briscoe (Board member on Vocal Virginia) Josh Lamm (DBDH Peer Recovery Specialist, NAMI Presenter)

Episode 10
Personal Stories With Disability:  

Mike Ahn (Graphic Artists- Co Owner Mike and Seol)

June '24

Episode 11
Adaptive Equipment: How Technology can empower people with disabilities 

Pat Burns, ORT/L, ATP ( Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Specialist

Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services)

Episode 12
Parents Stories of Children with Disabilities:  

July '24

Episode 13
Dysautonomia International: POTS & LONG Covid

Sierra Sunset Leffers ( Community Engagement Coordinator Dysautonomia International)

Episode 14
Person Stories with Disability:
The Long COVID Reader: Writing and Poetry from 45 Long Haulers

Mary Ladd ( Founder of Long Hauler Publishing)

August '24

Episode 15
Non Traditional Medicine: Reiki

Episode 16
Personal Stories with Disability: Chronic Back Pain

Daniel Estes ( Founder of Dantian Energy)

September '24

Episode 17
FreeHorse Arts: Arts and Nature with People with Disabilities

Candace Mraz ( Co Founder of Free Horse Arts)

Episode 18
Parents Stories of Children with Disabilities:  Autism

October '24

Episode 19
Social Security Disability

Adriana M. de la Torre ( Co Founder of Tower Law-Championing Social Security Disability  Claimants in Federal District Courts)

Episode 20
Personal Stories of Disability:  Lupus and Fibromyalgia

November '24

Episode 21
Rethinking Accessibility & Inclusion

Chris Del Duca ( Resource and Information Specialist ), Mathew Shapiro Founder & CEO– 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC, Advocate - Consultant, Public Speaker, Lobbyist)

Episode 22
Personal Stories of Disability: Epilepsy

December '24

Episode 23
The Power of Positivity and Self Confidence

Episode 24
Personal Stories of Disability: Blindness

Chris Mitchell ( Sole Proprietor Chris Mitchell- your Guide to Self Confidence )

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