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Speaking in Spoons Episode Schedule

Season Three 2024

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January, '24

Episode 1
Standardized Patient Programs

Stacie Rearden Hall (Standardized Patient Coordinator at VCU School of Medicine)

Episode 2
Personal Stories With Disability:  Christina and Nate

Christina Brookman (Producer/Host of Speaking in Spoons: A Chronically ill Podcast),  Dr Nathan Strauss (CoHost of Speaking in Spoons: A Chronically ill Podcast)

February, '24

Episode 3
Dateability: The Dating app for People with Disabilities and Chronic Illness 

Jaqueline Child (CoFounder and Co CEO of  Dateability App), Alexa Child (CoFounder and Co CEO of  Dateability App),

Episode 4
Personal Stories With Disability:  Cerebral Palsy

Mathew Shapiro Founder & CEO– 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC, Advocate - Consultant, Public Speaker, Lobbyist)

March, '24

Episode 5
Wish Come True Co.: A Mother's Journey to help other children with disabilites

Izzy Duval (Baldwin) Founder & Director of Wish Come True Co.)

Episode 6
Personal Stories With Disability:  Musa Motha: Pediatric Cancer & Amputee

Musa MothaProfessional Dancer
International awards winner
Motivational Speaker, AGT Finalist & Simon's Golden Buzzer)

April, '24

Episode 7
" Complicated" A Documentary about Kids with rare and complicated illnesses and their families face unimaginable hurdles as they confront failing medical and child protective systems. COMING SOON!

Andrew Abrahams Director of film, "Complicated", President of Open Eye Pictures)

Episode 8
" Complicated" - PART 2 Round Table Discussion with Donna Sullivan and Jon Rodis

Donna Sullivan  Consulting Producer, "Complicated") Jon Rodis  CEO and of Founder of The Connective Tissue Coalition) 

June '24

Episode 9
Personal Stories With Disability:  

Mike Ahn (Graphic Artist- Co Owner Mike and Seol Comics, Indie Comic Artist)

Episode 10
Let's Talk Social Security Disability!

Adriana M. de la Torre ( Co Founder of Tower Law-Championing Social Security Disability  Claimants in Federal District Courts)

Episode 11
Personal Stories of Disability:  Lupus and Fibromyalgia

July '24

Episode 12
Adaptive Equipment: How Technology can empower people with disabilities 

Pat Burns, ORT/L, ATP ( Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Specialist

Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services)

Episode 13
Parents Stories of Children with Disabilities:  

August '24

Episode 14
Dysautonomia International: POTS & LONG Covid

Sierra Sunset Leffers ( Community Engagement Coordinator Dysautonomia International)

Episode 15
Person Stories with Disability:
The Long COVID Reader: Writing and Poetry from 45 Long Haulers

Mary Ladd ( Founder of Long Hauler Publishing)

September '24

Episode 16
FreeHorse Arts: Arts and Nature with People with Disabilities

Candace Mraz ( Co Founder of Free Horse Arts)

Episode 17
Parents Stories of Children with Disabilities:  Autism

October '24

Episode 18
Non Traditional Medicine: Reiki

Episode 19
Personal Stories with Disability: Chronic Back Pain

Daniel Estes ( Founder of Dantian Energy)

November '24

Episode 20
Rethinking Accessibility & Inclusion

Chris Del Duca ( Resource and Information Specialist ), Mathew Shapiro Founder & CEO– 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC, Advocate - Consultant, Public Speaker, Lobbyist)

Episode 21
Personal Stories of Disability: Epilepsy

December '24

Episode 22
The Power of Positivity and Self Confidence

Chris Mitchell ( Sole Proprietor Chris Mitchell- your Guide to Self Confidence )

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