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E2 Medical Trauma/Gaslighting


Bill Jenkins

After his sixteen-year-old son, William, was murdered, Bill Jenkins authored What to do
When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss. This landmark book on grief
and bereavement has become an important resource for families dealing with the sudden or traumatic
death of a loved one and the caregivers who work with them. He now teaches in the innovative
Trauma-Informed Leadership graduate program at Dominican University and speaks at national and
regional conferences throughout the US and Canada teaching and training victim advocates and others
working in the criminal justice system.


Beth is a California writer/filmmaker living in the Midwest. I have a wide ranging creative background that includes writing, photography, filmmaking, animation, and illustration. I've made over 20 short films and music videos, and my writing and photography have been published in Cinefantastique, Geek Magazine, Urb, Lotus, and the San Francisco Examiner among others. I did labor organizing and advocacy in California in the film and taxi industries as well as tenants rights work and fundraising for the LA Food Pantry and Surfrider Foundation. I'm currently working towards a second career in Clinical Psychology.  I have a deep love for sociology and critical theory and found myself researching bias in medicine while I was trying to get treatment for endometriosis. This ultimately reignited an interest I had in the relationship between trauma and physical illnesses. I have endometriosis and posttraumatic stress disorder as well as the neurological disorder synesthesia. She is working towards being a clinical psychologist.

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