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Personal Story with Disability:
 Cerebral Palsy 

March 1, 2024

with Special Guest

Mathew Shapiro (Founder & CEO– 6 Wheels Consulting)

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Matthew Headshot.png

Mathew Shapiro
(Founder and CEO 6 Wheels Consulting)

As a person with a disability, Matthew Shapiro has spent most of his life motivated to teach those he has met how to better understand the disability community and inclusion. Through this work it has become his life’s mission to educate others regarding disability related issues. With this thought in mind, in December of 2014, he created 6 Wheels Consulting. Working with those in both the private and public sectors he hopes to expand their understanding of disabilities and inclusion to give them the tools they can use in any environment. Matthew has had the privilege of sitting on numerous disability boards and speaking at a variety of conferences both locally and nationally. 


  • VAULT Board Member, (Virginia Advocates United Leading Together)

  • Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (Board Member)

  • United States Business Leaders Network-Student Advisory Council, Chairman

  • Virginia Business Leaders Network

  • Division on Career Development and Transition, a Division of the International Council for Exceptional Children (Board Member)

  • Virginia Department of Education’s Inclusion Day - Steering Committee

  • Youth Leadership Forum Mentor (Va. Board for People with Disabilities)

  • I’m Determination Youth Summit Mentor (Va. Dept. of Education)

  • My Life, My Community Services Array Subcommittee

  • Commonwealth of Virginia Behavioral Health and Development Services Transformation Team Member

  • National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center, Consultant

  • National Technical Assistance Center on Improving Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students with Disabilities, Consultant

  • IDEA Partnership’s National Community of Practice on Transition Team Member

  • Capacity Building Institute- IDEA Partnership

  • 17th International DCDT Conference

  • National Office Special Education Programs Project Directors’ Conference

  • Virginia Transition Forum

  • Virginia ARC Convention

  • National Office Special Education Programs Project Directors’ Conference

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